The Best of UK Small Businesses

Over the course of coronavirus restrictions, I have learnt not only the value of shopping small but also how much I love it. Connecting with the faces behind these small businesses is something I have also learnt to appreciate. Here are some of my favourite, UK-based, small businesses to support, and the people behind them, regardless of what the future of shopping looks like. 

Holly Grows

First up is Holly Grows, Holly sells the loveliest plants, and even candles as well! If you’re looking for ways to beautify your home, then this is the shop for you! Holly also heavily focuses on sustainability which is something that I’m sure everyone can appreciate! Not to mention Holly is currently renovating her first shop in Edinburgh which I will be running to on opening day!

IG: @hollygrows

The voice behind the brand: ‘Holly Grows was born out of a love of interior design and house plants. Sustainability is incredibly important to us and we promise to provide continued support to help you care for your plants.’

Kiss My Case

Next, we have the dreamiest phone cases, with owner Beth stating their idols as Casetify. Not to mention they have the most aesthetically pleasing branding that I’ve seen recently. My personal favourite of their products is the affirmation which is customisable! Although I am a sucker for their increasingly popular character cases as well!

IG: @kissmycase_

The voice behind the brand: ‘My brand started nearly a year ago during lockdown, it has kept me super busy and motivated. The cases can be edited to fit your style and can make amazing, meaningful gifts.’ 

Pepper Peach

Based in Edinburgh is the business of graphic designer, Emmy. Specialising in greeting cards, and recently expanding to include the cutest stickers and daily planners as well. Ranging from Mother’s Day to birthday’s, they cover every theme in the sweetest way. These gorgeous designs are even printed on recycled paper! I think my favourite has to be the ‘I love you past the moon’ cards. 

IG: @pepperpeachillustrations

The voice behind the brand: ‘I started Pepper Peach in 2020 after I graduated from my Graphic Design bachelors at Edinburgh Napier University. I entered a YCN contest which was a design competition and the entire class had to create and entry as part of our assignment. I chose the UK Greetings brief and I actually won it and the entire project made me fall in love with illustration and card design. When the first lockdown started, I thought it would be so nice to be able to write to our friends and family as it’s something a bit more meaningful than just a text, so I started planning Pepper Peach. 6 months later we launched and now my sister Sophie helps me run it: I do all the designing and posting, and she takes creative control of the social media content and helps ship out all the orders. We don’t even live together so we have split the stock over our households and have weekly zoom meetings to keep up with it. It was a passion project which is now my job and I love it so much! Hoping in the future to bring out planners, notebooks, stickers and so many more things.’

Jewellery by Liv: Depop / Etsy

For all of the jewellery lovers out there I want to recommend Liv’s jewellery to you. These handmade resin pieces are to die for. You can really tell how much Liv, herself, loves her creations which makes the experience shopping from her so much more special. 

IG: @jewellerybyliv

The voice behind the brand: ‘Starting my small business was a very organic process, for me it all stemmed from being bored in lockdown and needing a creative outlet. When starting my jewellery business, it was so important to me that everything I made was something that I really loved, my business has evolved so much in a short space of time but being able to make designs for people who love them too is so insanely rewarding.’

There you have it, a selection of some of the best UK small businesses for you to shop and appreciate, so fill up your baskets and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The Best of UK Small Businesses

  1. I love discovering small business. I have never heard of any of these business before but they sound so fab! I will check them out. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Kiss My Case has such a fun and on-point name! I am not a phone case collector kind of gal, but I love that the affirmation case can be customized. Jewellery by Liv’s happy colors make hearst in my earring-happy heart.
    Thanks for sharing!


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