10 Easy Sustainable Swaps for Your Beauty Routine

Beauty routines exist as form of self-care, treating your mind and your body, but it’s no secret that this often comes at a cost to the environment.  However, doing something about this is actually easily done with a number of easy, often cost-efficient swaps. Even implementing just one or two of these in your own personal routine is a step in the right direction.

Here’s 10 ways that you can treat the earth as much as you’re treating yourself.

Solid Shampoo/Conditioner

Consider how many plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner you make your way through in a year, and how much plastic waste this equates to. This is why solid shampoo could be the swap for you. They’re also incredibly travel-friendly, meaning you can avoid buying plastic minis as well.

Alternatives to Face Wipes

It’s scary how damaging to the environment face wipes are, contributing to 93% of blockages in Britain’s drains, not to mention the effect on your skin with the inefficient cleansing that they do. Cutting these from your routine is much easier than you may think with a number of alternatives. 

Firstly, products such as the makeup eraser or face halo which remove your makeup in a similar way to a wipe however can be washed and reused instead of thrown out. However, my personal favourite alternative is an oil cleanser, not only does it give you a deeper cleanse, but it doesn’t require any other wasteful, single-use products. Opting for one of these alternatives can also save you money from frequently re-purchasing wipes.

Loyal to Your Wipes?

However, if you don’t want to abandon your trusty face wipes then instead opt for biodegradable wipes – more brands are selling these so chances are your favourite brand may already have some!

Say Bye to Cotton Pads

Instead of throwing out a cotton pad whenever you use micellar water or apply your favourite toner, instead grab some bamboo pads which can be used and washed ready to reuse. Again, an investment which will save you money.

Bamboo Cotton Buds Rather Than Plastic

Whether it’s for cleaning up the edge of your eyeliner or your nail polish, cotton buds are a staple for most people. However, consider switching to the bamboo, or paper-stemmed versions rather than the standard plastic. There’s even silicone versions now too!

Bamboo Toothbrush’s

Another way bamboo can sustainably transform your beauty routine is by switching out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Therefore, reducing the plastic waste when it’s time to replace it.

Biodegradable Dental Floss

Continuing with the theme of dental hygiene is dental floss. Try to avoid single-use floss and instead opt for plastic-free, compostable options such as Eco Floss which is also vegan-friendly!

Mouthwash Tablets 

As bottles of mouthwash adds to the amount of plastic waste instead try mouthwash tablets which simply dissolve in water. These often don’t include alcohol making them especially beneficial to those with sensitive gums. If that doesn’t appeal to you then you can simply switch to glass-bottled mouthwash instead.

Solid/Powder Deodorant

Environmentally friendly deodorant is often something people are scared of, however they are just as effective as your typical aerosal’s or roll-ons minus the plastic waste and co2 emissions. Lush’s deodorant powder, or solid deodorant bars are great options for this as well as refillable deodorants like those made by Wild which are plastic-free and compostable.

Say No to Sheet Masks

Similarly, to the issue with face wipes is that of single-use sheet masks. Not only does the mask itself add to the plastic waste, but often so does the packaging. Not to mention the fact that these masks are often just serum being applied via the mask when you could just be applying the serum and seeing the same if not more benefits. Instead invest in masks in tubes or jars which will last longer and save you money!

Even choosing just one of these to swap out would be an incredible step in reducing waste and taking care of the environment.

Written by: Tamara Kettles

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